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Waystar Handling 

Kayleen offers all breed handling and has been for over 20 years. She has turned her love of showing dogs into opportunities to help others achieve their dreams and goals. Contact her to see how she can help you reach your goals. 

Let her treat your dog like one of her own......

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Handling Fees

All breed shows:

  • under 12 months                         $75

  • over 12 months and BOB           $100

  • sweeps /non regular classes      $50

Independent Specialties and Nationals 

  • class entries                                $ 150

  • BOB                                             $300

Westminster/Royal Canine

  • to be quoted 

Expenses will be shared amongst all dogs traveling 

  • Board includes daily care of dogs whether they are shown or not

  • $10/day         $15/day coated breeds 

  • initial grooming for coated breeds $35/hr (bathing, trimming, blowing out)

prices subject to change and grooming charges will be discussed prior to taking dog 

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